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How to Learn Software Testing? Resolve your Queries

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Software Testing is one of the crucial phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. The IT realm is not only witnessing a rapid rise in the demand for software products but there is also a rising expectation for software products which are reliable, authentic and intuitive.

Hence, it is indispensable to guarantee the quality of a product before it is made available for public use. Software Testing is the medium for identifying errors and missing requirements, if any. But, how to learn Software Testing? How long does it take to learn Testing? Let us find out.

In this blog, we shall try and answer the question of how to learn Software QA Testing. We shall begin by trying to understand why it is important to learn Software Testing. Additionally, we shall consider how to learn Testing for beginners, along with evaluating some of the best resources which can help you in the same.

How to learn Software Testing: Why is it Important?

In this section, we shall try and understand the application of Software Testing in terms of its utility towards the overall development of a end product.

1. Improvement of the Product

Testing helps in identifying flaws and bugs as well as diagnosing potential defects. Tests are crucial for fixing errors which helps in improving the quality of the product.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

There are different forms of testing which are conducted at different stages when a product is being developed. Early testing is especially useful in early detection of bugs and defects, along with helping in identifying software failures. This helps in coming up with more economical ways to fix the issue as at this stage, the errors are easily fixable.

benefits of software testing

3. Automation Testing

Automated Testing provides for 100% accuracy and precision as far as the reliability of the testing results is concerned. Moreover, it facilitates rapid completion of test execution as well as allows for repeated execution. Thus, it provides for continuous deployment and delivery which is one of the integral aspects of the Agile model.

4. Determining Quality

Software Testing is considered to be crucial in evaluating some of the most important aspects of a software product, like:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Portability
  • Efficiency


How to learn Software Testing for Beginners

The answer to how to learn QA Software Testing is not a straightforward one. It would be determined by a number of factors. However, herein in this section, we have drafted a rough trajectory which one can follow if they are confused about how to learn Software Testing.

1. Find your Reasons

This implies that it is important for you as an aspiring Software Tester to be clear of the reason of why you want to enter the field of Software Testing in particular and the field of IT in general.

2. Do your Research

As you are seeking to take a plunge into the testing sea, it is important to do some pilot survey and perceive the nature of the market which you are about to enter. You can check out the job listings, expand your connection, seek assistance from your acquaintances as well as online job forums and portals. It is important to acquire proper understanding of the demand for Software Testers, about their job description, expected pay scale, skills required, challenges involved and so on.

If you are someone aspiring to be a Software Tester, do read our blog on How to Become a Software Tester: Let us Find Out?

3. Acquire Hands-On Experience

The best way to begin your journey can be to embark upon the learning path at a personal level. This is also the most relevant answer to the question of how to learn Software Testing at home.

The Internet is flooded with valuable resources which can help you develop a basic understanding of the discipline. At the same time, it will be important to cross-check the credibility of the resources that you happen to use.

4. Acquire Relevant Training

As you try to enter the Software Testing field, it is important to cultivate relevant skills and competencies. This can be done in a self-taught manner, or you can resort to online courses and bootcamps. These structured curriculums help you in acquiring expertise in the field in a planned and disciplined manner.

software tester technical skills

5. Acquire Certification

In addition to cultivating skills and acquiring disciplinary knowledge, it would be extremely helpful if you are able to earn certifications that act as testimonies of your command over the field. As you think of how to learn Software Testing and happen to be someone who lacks a relevant degree or technical background, these certifications act as your biggest helpers.

6. Look out for Job Openings and Apply

Once you feel that you have sufficiently expended yourself in the learning journey and have acquired plausible skill and expertise to work as a Software Tester, it is time to put your knowledge to use. It will be important to prepare a resume that clearly stands out.

Indulge in networking and be on the hunt for job opportunities that enable you to initiate your journey in the field.

being a software tester

How Much Time Does It Take to Learn Software Testing?

There is no fixed answer to how long does it take to learn Software Testing. The answer would largely depend on the nature of the learning path which one adopts in trying to become a Software Tester.

Under the academic guidance of a structured curriculum, it might be a matter of some months or a year, while it might even take longer if you happen to be half-heartedly committed to your goal.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind the rough career path within the profession where you can seek to advance to senior positions, from the post of a Software Tester Trainee.

1. Software Tester Trainee

Work Experience: Fresher

2. Software Tester

Work Experience: 1-3 years

3. QA Analyst

Work Experience: 3-5 years

4. Software Test Engineer

Work Experience: 3-5 years

5. QA Team Coordinator

Work Experience: 5-6 years

6. Test Manager

Work Experience: 8-11 years

7. Senior Test Manager

Work Experience: 14+ years

software tester: career path

How to learn Software Testing at Home: Resources to Keep in Mind

How to learn Software Testing at Home: Resources to Keep in Mind

Learning Software Testing at home can be rendered easy with the help of certain reliable resources. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Books

  • Software Testing by James A. Whittaker
  • Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams
  • The Art of Software Testing

2. Podcasts

  • Test Guild

Popular for holding weekly podcasts on the topic of Software Test Automation.

  • Test & Code: Python Testing

This podcast covers various aspects of Software Testing, Unit Testing, Software Development, Pytest, Python Programming and Packaging.

  • The Changelog

It emphasizes on the best practices related to the field of Software Testing.

  • Perfbytes

Hosted by James Pulley and Mark Tomlinson, this podcast discusses Performance Testing and Engineering, including strategies for performance improvement.

  • AB Testing

Hosted by Brent Jensen and Alan Page, the topics discussed include the techniques of modern testing, besides Agile and DevOps methodology, Data Science, Continuous Delivery, Leadership and so on.

3. YouTube Channels

  • Software Testing Material

Managed by Joe Colantonio, the videos focus on topics like Automation and Manual Testing, QTP, SQL Server, Selenium WebDriver, and so on.

  • Software Testing by MKT

The videos in this channel not only help in providing you with good theoretical knowledge, but also in developing a string foundation in Manual as well as Automation Testing.

  • Software Testing Help

This is one of the oldest channels related to the field and is quite popular. It offers Testing based tutorials, such as LoadRunner Tutorials, Selenium Tutorials and so on.

  • Telusko

He is a YouTuber who has been engaged in creating free programming tutorial content. Some of the important topics that he has covered include advanced Java, Javascript, Blockchain, Java for Beginners, and so on.


This is considered to be an extremely important platform for software developers and testers alike. It is hailed as an important source of knowledge for aspiring testers and in fact individuals who stay active on the platform have been reported to observe improvement in the act of reading and reviewing codes. Moreover, it also serves as a good platform to build a robust public portfolio.


It is evident that Testing is one of the integral phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. It helps in ensuring quality and consequently customer satisfaction. However, the act of testing is certainly a technical job, entailing the exercise of certain definite skills. The end product is the cumulative outcome of a number of tests like functional testing (assessing the functionality of the product), acceptance testing (assessing the fulfillment product specifications), integration testing (testing the product as a combined entity), to name a few.

Thus, the cultivation of testing skills is central to the answer of how to learn software QA testing.  Apart from skills, it is equally important to acquire practical experience, training and certification in the quest of developing substantial command over the discipline.

It is evident that the field of Software Testing is a highly significant one and consequently, professionals in this field remain equally in high demand. Seeking to understand the future of a career in this domain? Do read our blog on “Future of Software Testing: What to Expect?

The pursuit of continuous delivery and deployment have pushed the development and testing teams closer to each other. This is evident in the rising demand for individuals who can write as well as test codes. These individuals are Software Development Engineer in Test. In terms of expertise, an SDET happens to have an upper hand when compared to a QA Tester.

We at Syntax Technologies provide you with the exciting opportunity of acquiring training in consonance with the demands of this highly skilled individual (SDET). Enroll in a QA Automation Testing training today.

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