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Top 8 High-Paying Remote Jobs with $100K Salaries

People are more Productive working at Home than People would have Expected. Some People thought that everything was just going to Fall apart, and it HasntMark Zuckerberg

The Covid pandemic took the world by the storm. In the strive for adopting a new lifestyle, certain new trends became more commonplace. One such idea was that of work from home or remote working.

The end of the pandemic might have called for the return-to-office surge; however, remote working is here to stay, with a number of Companies evaluating the prospects of different models, including the hybrid setup.

Since the idea of remote work has gradually expanded to the broader workforce, employees are increasingly being employed in high paying remote jobs which are completely remote. So what are some of these highest paying remote jobs? Are these in demand remote jobs also lucrative?

In this blog, we shall look at some of the top paying remote jobs within the tech industry, most of which are accessible for those with a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Familiarity with various PC operating systems is often a prerequisite for many of these roles, especially for those that are highly technical.

We shall look at what these different positions entail in their professional capacity as well as we shall be primarily concerned with a high paying remote job with salary package in the bracket of $100k.

Director, Software Development and Programming

This individual oversees the entire Software Development Life Cycle. This implies that he manages and coordinates the development, maintenance and testing of software applications.

Additionally, they are responsible for monitoring the advancement of projects as well as for ensuring that they are completed within stipulated deadlines.

Their annual average salary happens to be $150,000 approximately. 

software development

Data Engineer

Data Engineers build, analyze and maintain Big Data Sets. They are proficient in making use of Data Warehousing technologies. They help in diminishing resource burden through finding efficient means of Data analysis.

This is one of the top high paying remote jobs with the average yearly salary being approximately around $120,000. 

data engineering

Cloud Architect

The rush to secure the services of cloud based platforms has been unprecedented in recent times. This has simultaneously propelled the demand for Cloud Architects who are responsible for devising the cloud computing strategies of organizations.

Additionally, they also evaluate and suggest improvements to the organizations cloud network and also do help in preparing mitigation strategies for dealing with potential threats to cloud network.

The job role of Cloud Architects is considered to be one of the most secure, futuristic and in demand remote jobs with an annual average salary of $123,000. 

cloud architect

Systems Engineer

System Engineering is considered to be an interdisciplinary area between Engineering Management and IT Engineering. It revolves around the design and management of diverse systems.

A System Engineer is one who is actively involved in each and every phase of a system wherein a system itself might refer to processes, products, services, information and so on.

They are there right from the planning stage to management and production through to end solution. They help supervise scheduling, budgeting, performance and testing.

As one of the top remote high paying jobs, the annual average salary of a System Engineer can be as high as $140,000. 

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers help in streamlining operations, in improving security and system performance as well as enhancing user experience.

They try to make the software development process less complex, less burdensome and less lengthy by helping develop viable functional systems and upgrading them. They help bridge the connection between the Development and the Operations team.

The average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer is $110,000. 

devops engineer

Software Architect

The person who happens to lead the team of developers as they are engaged in creating software applications and program, is the Software Architect.

As a project manager, the Software Architect is not only responsible for ensuring the timely completion of project, but also for guaranteeing the quality of the end product as well as for making room for any kind of post completion changes.

As one of the top remote jobs in demand which is lucratively compensated, the annual average salary of a Software Architect is approximately around $140,000.

Machine Learning Engineer

Given the overwhelming advancement in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it comes as no surprise that the position of a ML Engineer happens to be one of the best high paying remote jobs.

The professional is responsible for drafting programs and algorithms which help in automating tasks by utilizing the power of AI. You will be required to build ML applications from scratch.

This is one of the most in demand remote jobs and the annual average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer happens to be around $120,000 approximately. 

machine learning engineer

Research Engineers

For those with an engineering degree, the role of Research Engineers offers a unique opportunity to engage in cutting-edge technological developments.

Research Engineers focus on innovating and developing new technologies, often conducting extensive studies and analyses. This is one of the specialized fields where an engineering degree is typically a prerequisite.

Their annual average salary can range from $130,000 to $160,000, making it one of the highest paying remote jobs.


The Covid pandemic and the way it pushed the necessity of working remotely to the forefront; in a way convinced everyone of the viability and possibility of such a working model.

There was a sudden surge in opinion favoring such a setup, with certain professional positions being deemed to be completely possible for being designated the status of work from home. This blog provides a synoptic list of some of the best high paying remote jobs within the tech industry which are also some of the most in demand remote jobs.

Apart from the tech industry, other sectors like healthcare, human resource, customer service and so on, have also actively adopted remote working for some of their senior most positions.

The desire to accomplish ones goals, right from the comfort of ones home, is not restricted to the professional world alone. Students and other aspiring individuals are actively turning towards avenues which could help them build up tech skills, right from their comfort zone.

For those who are on their job search, this list could be invaluable. Syntax Technologies, as one of the leading bootcamps, provide you with exactly such an opportunity. It not only helps you become tech ready, but in fact does so by keeping in mind your convenience. This offers a unique opportunity especially for job seekers looking to break into these high-paying roles. Read more about our courses.

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