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Selenium Tester: Roles, Jobs, Resume, Salary

Testing was Never going to be Fashionable, but you could Hardly run a Respectable Software Development Shop with no Testing effort at all. – Stephen Baxter

Software applications are developed with the objective of fulfilling certain definite requirements. Software Testing ensures that these products are able to deliver desired outputs, before they are finally released into the market.
This testing can be undertaken in a manual or in an automated fashion. However, given the degree of human involvement in case of Manual Testing; Automation Testing is being preferred in a large number of test scenarios. This has not only pushed the importance of Test Automation Tools; but also brings us to the understanding that individuals skilled in the usage of these tools, are naturally in high demand.

A Selenium Tester happens to be one such competent individual who possesses expertise in the usage of one of the most important Automation Testing Tools: Selenium.

In this blog, we shall look at a general dream job profile of a Selenium Tester in terms of Selenium Tester Roles and Responsibilities, skills required, Selenium Tester Job description as well as Selenium Tester Salary.

Additionally, we shall also look at the best possible way for drafting an impressive Selenium Tester Free Resume Builder.

A sample Selenium Automation Tester Resume will be presented too, in order to give an idea for curating effective resume templates.

Who is a Selenium Tester?

Selenium is an open-sourced, free Automation Testing Tool, which is used for testing web applications, impressive templates across different browsers and platforms.

Selenium Testing permits the tester to write the test scripts in different programming languages like Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, C# and Node JS.

For a more detailed understanding of the topic, refer to our blog on What is Selenium?

A Selenium Tester is one who is competent in the execution of Selenium Testing. As a tester, this individual makes use of the Selenium Suite of Tools in order to conduct Automation Testing.

The rising significance of Selenium Tester Jobs has been directly responsible due to the soaring demand for Automation Testing. Let us look at the factor which accounted for this shift.

Selenium Tool suite

The emergence of the iterative development model in the form of agile development has been an important event.

Under the aegis of this model, the testing team was compelled to move to multiple smaller releases, in opposition to fewer longer ones.

This model brought forth the requirement of testing the entire system within short periods of time and the need for quicker sign-off and functional testing.

This helped in re-defining the role of manual testers and marked the shift towards Quality Engineering, which became all the more pronounced with the emergence of the services based architectural model.

This implies that as businesses focus on rapid deployment and immediate outputs; Automation Testing has certainly gained ground. Consequently, Selenium Testing has gradually evolved as a coveted domain within the field of Automation, given the advantages of Selenium as a Testing Tool.

Thus, a Selenium Tester has come to occupy a commanding position within the tech field, opening the doors for lucrative Selenium Tester Jobs.

selenium tool

Selenium Tester Job Description

When you try to construct a reasonable Selenium Tester Resume template, it is essential to have a fair understanding of what is expected from you as a tester by considering a sample Selenium Tester Job Title Description.


Project Role: Selenium Tester

Department: Project Management

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Project Role Description: 

  • Work with cross-functional project teams and stakeholders to gather and document requirements
  • Creation of user stories and process flows
  • Analysis of business data
  • Document test scenarios, expected results, actual results, test plans
  • Maintenance of regression inventory and related collateral
  • Need to Participate in testing, Lead testing across squads
  • Facilitate progress of defects (problem logs) and resolutions across squads
  • Creation of training documentation & conduct knowledge transfer sessions
  • Provide implementation support
  • Convert manual test cases into automated cases in an existing framework

Must Have Skills: Selenium

Preferred Skills: Test Automation Strategy, Automation Testing

Additional Skills:

  • Expertise in handling Test Automation Tools
  • Solid Critical Thinking Skills
  • Experience with Copado
  • Experience of working with tools like: Slack, Zoom, Rational Team Concert (RTC), BOX
  • Experience of working in Agile Team
  • Knowledge of Automation Testing Tools: Mockito, Protractor, Junit, Robot Framework, REST Assured

It is important to remember that the above mentioned job advertisement for the post of a Selenium Tester, is simply for reference purpose. The needs certainly do differ across different Selenium Tester Jobs in different organizations.

However, it does provide you with a fair idea of what is generally expected of you as you seek to apply for the position of a Selenium Tester.

Selenium Tester Jobs: Skills Required

A Selenium Tester is expected to possess certain fundamental skills, which shall be elaborated upon in this section. Additionally, he is also expected to possess certain advanced competencies depending upon his years of work experience.

  • Knowledge of Framework Designing and Programming Languages

Selenium, as a Test Automation Tool, does facilitate writing test scripts in more than one programming language. An impressive Selenium Tester Resume would generally involve an indication of the candidate?s proficiency in coding in different programming languages like Python, Java, Perl, XML, C#, SQL as well as HTML and CSS.

  • Expertise in Creating Test Scripts

A Selenium Automation Tester Resume is expected to project such a candidate who has an in-depth knowledge of Selenium WebDriver, which in turn could help in the development of test scripts.

  • Competency in conducting Manual Testing

The idea of a Selenium Tester is often conceived of as being synonymous with an Automation Tester in lot of respects. This is also because Selenium is one of the foremost Automation Testing Tools. However, since Automation Testing is not a complete substitute for Manual Testing; it is important that a Selenium Tester should be competent in performance of Manual Testing as well.

Manual Testing and Automation Testing
  • As part of non-technical skills, it is expected that a Selenium Tester should have excellent communication skills, should be able to think creatively and possess the required ability to troubleshoot issues.

Selenium Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Selenium Tester Jobs embody the execution of certain pre-defined professional duties. Moreover, a Selenium Tester Roles and Responsibilities can be divided into different categories on the basis of the years of work experience.

Selenium Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Selenium Tester Professional Resume: 1+ Years Experience

  • Development of test cases using WebDriver API Commands and Selenium Element Locators
  • Analysis of Application Under Test (AUT) and Comprehension of Test Requirements
  • Responsibility of using Java programming for enhancing Test Cases
  • Execution of Test Cases as well as Tracking and Reporting of Defects
  • Responsibility of Debugging Test Cases, Identifying Errors and Fixing Them
  • Test Reporting

Selenium Tester Resume Maker: 2+ Years Experience

  • Responsibility for Test Automation Resources creation like Function Libraries
  • Collection of test data for the purpose of Data-Driven Testing
  • Synchronization, Parameterization and Responsibility to define the results of Test
  • Responsibility to Handle Dynamic and Duplicate objects using Regular expressions and Index Property
  • Execution and Debugging of Tests
  • Analysis of Test Results
  • Test Reporting, along with Tracking and Reporting of Defects
  • Test Modification and Execution of Regression Testing

Selenium Tester Resume: 3+ Years Experience

  • Analysis and Comprehension of the Job Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification
  • Responsibility of Collecting Test Data and Creating Test Scenarios
  • Responsibility of Creating Reusable Components
  • Detection of End-to End Scenarios and Code Modularity
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Development of Automation Infrastructure and Implementation of TestNG or JUnit Automation framework
  • Creation of Data-Driven Tests and Execution of Cross Browser Testing
  • Analysis of Test Results
  • Responsibility of Exporting and Defining Test Results
  • Maintenance of Resources and Test Automation Resource Modification

Selenium Tester Resume: 4+ Years Experience

  • Responsible for Identifying and Selecting Test Cases for Automation
  • Execution of Test Automation Strategy
  • Selection of appropriate Selenium Tools and Selenium Test Environment Configuration
  • Responsibility of Creating, Organizing and Managing Test Automation Resources
  • Selenium Environment setup and Creation of Automation Test Plan
  • Responsible of Creating, Enhancing, Debugging and Executing Test Cases
  • Carrying out Regression Testing, along with Resolution of different Technical Issues
  • Act as a Channel of Communication between the Development team and the Testing team
  • Responsible for Interaction with End-Users in order to resolve issues and update status

Drafting an Effective Selenium Tester Resume

It is nearly impossible to provide for a perfect example of a Selenium Automation Tester Resume. However, there are certainly some key areas which should be kept in mind, as you proceed to prepare your Selenium Tester Resume.

This will also include, laying emphasis on certain fundamental and foundational skills and competencies. These include:

  • Proficiency in Manual Testing
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages
  • Commendable Time Management, Communication, Reporting and Analytical Skills
  • Experience with Hands-On Business Requirements
  • Mastery of Selenium, along with some other Test Automation Tools
  • Knowledge of Test Management Tools
  • Understanding of Agile and DevOps Methodologies

As you happen to proceed towards drafting a Selenium Automation Tester Perfect Resume, you can roughly refer to the flowchart given below, in highlighting your information for hiring managers.

Do remember that this chronology is not a standard and you can make changes as you wish; what is important is that you do cover the given heads.

  1. Identity Details
  2. Career Objective
  3. Professional Summary (This would highlight your Experience in the field of Automation Testing in general and Selenium in particular)
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Technical Skill Set (This can include an elaboration of your knowledge of Programming Languages, Databases, Automation Tools, Operating Systems, Build Tools, Bug Tracking Tools)
  6. Work Experience (Your past professional involvement in other Companies)
  7. Roles and Responsibilities (This would include an explanation of the past designations held and key duties fulfilled in response to those positions)
  8. Projects Handled (This section can be wisely used in order to highlight your involvement in key projects as an active contributor to the field of Selenium)

**You can especially emphasize upon the contributions made by you in terms of responsibilities undertaken as the team member executing the project

  1. Achievements
  2. Professional Qualification
  3. Professional Training
  4. Personal Details

Selenium Tester Salary

In the field of Software Testing, Automation Testing has slowly acquired a coveted position. Given its advantages, it is increasingly being preferred over Manual Testing.

This has automatically pushed the demand for Test Automation Tools, of which Selenium has emerged as an attractive choice. Consequently, demand for a Selenium Tester is on a steady rise and is headed to increase even more so in future.

The median salary in the U.S. for a Selenium Tester ranges from $62,509 to $100,971, approximately per annum. The average pay is around $83,200 per year. It is evident that a Selenium Tester Salary is quite a lucrative one.

Moreover, since the Test Automation market itself is expected to rapidly expand in the coming years; the career prospects of a Selenium Tester are endless.

If you wish to read more on the topic of Test Automation, do read our blog on What is Automation Testing?


It is evident that a Selenium Tester does enjoy a significant position within the field of Software Testing in general and Automation Testing in particular.

A Selenium Tester Job is essentially accompanied by several professional benefits. A well crafted Selenium Tester Resume can definitely help you in availing a lucrative spot within the Automation Testing market.

The position of a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), entails the necessity of being proficient in the usage of Selenium as an Automation Testing Tool.

We, at Syntax Technologies, provide you with the attractive benefit of developing expertise in the field of SDET as well as acquiring hands-on experience in handling of renowned Test Automation Tools like Selenium. Enrol now for our SDET Training course.

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