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How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst Without a Degree?

?Security used to be an Inconvenience Sometimes; But now it?s a Necessity all the Time? – Martina Navratilova

How often have you come across people who are looking to begin their career in a field which they feel to be quite in-demand? How often have you come across people appearing quite puzzled on whether they meet the requisite eligibility criteria for initiating their career in the field of their choice? I bet the answer to both the questions would be ?many times?. 

Deciding upon one?s career path can be a difficult task for many. While the demand for Cybersecurity professionals is only soaring on a continuous basis; not everyone seeking to get into the Cybersecurity industry is really clear about their prospective chance within the field.

Hence, questions like how to get into Cyber Security with no experience; how to become a CyberSecurity Analyst without a degree, and so on; abound within tech circles.

This blog can be a guide for all those aspiring to be a Cyber Security Analyst, as we shall take up the question of how to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree.

Additionally, we shall also look at how to get into Cyber Security with no experience as well as how to become a Cyber Security Analyst with no experience.

Who is a Cyber Security Analyst?

Cyber Security Analysts generally work in collaboration with other professionals, mainly with Information Security Managers and Penetration Testers, for supervising and overseeing the overall security mechanism of the organization.

They are responsible for detecting breaches and loopholes in the security infrastructure; for system monitoring through external and internal audit and for conducting penetration tests, security risks analysis and risk evaluations and risk management.

cyber security analyst

They have an in-depth knowledge of Data Storage and Data Management as well as an advanced understanding of hardware as well as software.

They work across a wide spectrum of information and computer networks and computer systems.

It is expected that Cybersecurity Analysts should be well equipped to tackle a wide array of Cyber Threats and Attacks as well as be prepared to deal with security concerns, both externally and internally.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cyber Security Analysts

If you are someone from a non-technical background or one who lacks a conventional STEM degree and is looking to understand how to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree; it is important for you to understand the job role that a Cyber Security Analyst is expected to assume in his professional capacity.

Some of these duties are:

1. Cyber Security Analysts are responsible for performing Regular Security Evaluations and Assessments which help them in determining an organization?s vulnerability to potential Cyber Attacks and Threats. 

This is one of those Cyber Security jobs wherein the incumbent is responsible for developing appropriate Security Measures, Procedures and Policies for the Company. 

2. Different forms of security access such as login ids, passwords and so on, can become potential gateways for Cyber Attacks.

As a Cyber Security Analyst, you will be responsible for Monitoring these Access Points as well as Train employees for adopting Best Practices in managing their passwords, their online presence and so on. 

3. Implement and maintain network security measures to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats.

4. Cyber Security Analysts perform rescue operations in case of any case of data breach in software security systems. They are also liable to resolve errors and fix any issues related to it. 

5. Cyber Security Analysts act as Mitigation Officers in the event of a Cyber Attack. They draw up the blueprint of a Disaster Plan which aims to provide for Contingency Measures in case of a potential Digital Attack. 

6. Cyber Security Analysts adopt a Proactive Approach in developing Offensive as well as Defensive Measures for ensuring the overall security of the organization?s Cyber Infrastructure.

Cyber Security Analyst: Skills Required

As you do happen to consider the question of how to become a Cyber Security Analyst with no experience, it is imperative for you to strategically acquire and develop cybersecurity skills in consonance with that of a Cyber Security Engineer.

Let us look at some of these skills.

1. Knowledge of Cyber Programming Languages like Java, Ruby, C/C++, Go and Python.

This is one of those Cybersecurity Jobs which entail the requirement of Understanding Computer Code as well as Knowledge of Risk Assessment Technologies.

2. Cyber Security Analysts need to be extremely Analytical. They are required to Process Data from multiple sources and as such should be able to strategically analyze the information to arrive at decisions. 

3. A Cyber Security Analyst is someone who is required to keep himself continually abreast with all latest development in the Cybersecurity field, including Firewall Architecture, Content Filtering as well as Virus Software and Virus Detection.

These professionals are in a way to learn Cyber Security on a continuous basis in all its developments.

4. Excellent Communication and Networking Skills

canyou get into Cyber Security without a degree

How to get into Cyber Security with No Experience?

The position of a Cyber Security Analyst is simply one among various other designations within the domain of Cyber Security.

If you happen to lack a technical background and still want to make your way into the Cyber Security field; the question of how to get into Cyber Security without a degree, must be paramount in your mind.

A non-technical background, in all probability means that the person might not be having development and coding cybersecurity skills; however, there are multiple job roles within the Cyber Security domain, where you might not need these cybersecurity skills in order to be hired.

For instance, if a person wants to start his Cyber Security career as a technical writer, he may do so on the basis of his written communication skills. Let us consider some of those jobs:

Network Administrator

In the capacity of an administrator, you will be responsible for securing the network of the company by providing access to only those who are in need of it.

Cyber Policy Analyst

You will be responsible for developing policies, procedures and strategies for the private and public companies as well as the Government. 

SOC Analyst

This stands for the position of a Security Operations Center Analyst. In this capacity, you will be responsible for reporting on cyber incidents which are likely to pose a threat to different branches of the Government. You might also come up with policy recommendations for mitigating cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Analyst

You will be required to make use of security tools for detecting any kind of existing flaw in the system, network or application.  Additionally, you will need to keep yourself updated on every kind of new threat or vulnerability. 

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How to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a Degree?: Is it Possible?

The answer to the question of is it possible to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree, is straightforward. Yes, it is possible.

It is possible because many business organizations simply do not put forth the requirement of a college degree as an eligibility criterion while recruiting candidates. But then, how to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree? The answer to this shall be elaborated in the section below.

However, one simple response to the question is that you should think of acquiring different Cybersecurity certifications which not only enhances your skills, but also builds up your resume. 

The position of a Cyber Security Engineer is another popular and sought after Cyber Security job. Check out our blog on “How to become a Cyber Security Engineer?

How to become a Cyber Security Analyst with No Experience?: Steps to Follow

If you happen to lack a conventional STEM degree and are wondering how to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree, you can initiate your journey on this rough roadmap.

How to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree

Acquire a High School Diploma or Enrol into a GED Program

Participating in these educational programs will help you in cultivating skills which come in handy for a Cyber Security Analyst.

Some of these courses which might be helpful to you, might be ones related to Computer Programming or Software Development.

A Computer Programming course will provide you with knowledge of executing computer programs. At the same time, a course on Software Development will acquaint you with the nitty-gritty of a software product.

You might develop skills for developing software which provides security against Cyber Attacks or acquire expertise in fixing software, already damaged by malware. 

Stay Up to Date with Technological Advancements

As someone looking to make their way through as a Cyber Security Analyst, it shall be imperative for you to keep yourself abreast with all sorts of development within the technological realm.

This will involve keeping a close eye on certain crucial technologies like: the Cloud, deep Learning including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Encryption Technology. 

Acquire Certification

Certifications act as testimonies to your potential candidature as a Cyber Security Analyst. Some of these most popular certificates include:

1. CompTIA Security+

A person who has acquired this certification is deemed to be well versed with Cyber Security issues and solutions. Moreover, you don?t need any kind of minimum experience for appearing for this certification exam. 

2. CompTIA CySA

Acquiring this certification helps you to develop an in-depth understanding of the domain of Cyber Security as well as aids individuals in developing skills in vulnerability and threat management for software systems. 

3. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

This certification stands as a testimony to your knowledge of penetration testing and your ability to think as a hacker in order to detect the flaws and weaknesses of a network or system infrastructure. Appearing for this certification exam requires you to possess two years of experience in software. 

4. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

If you have happened to pass this certification examination, you shall be deemed qualified for working with Cyber Security software for identifying, analyzing and deflecting threats. 

Acquire Work Experience

Practical job experience can play into your advantage, especially if you lack a conventional college degree. They act as proof of your experience within the Cyber Security field.

Moreover, a number of IT departments provide on-the-job training which not helps you in acquiring hands-on experience in executing responsibilities akin to a Cyber Security Analyst; but also helps you in observing senior Cyber Security Analysts and develop your expertise under their tutelage. 


As a beginner within the field of Cyber Security, it would be imperative to expand your professional network. Thus, as you think of how to get into Cyber Security with no experience, you should think of ways for establishing meaningful connections which can result in your career advancement.

You can also begin by joining different professional organizations committed to the cause of Cyber Security. 

Update Your Resume

It is not just enough to develop expertise in consonance with a Cyber Security Analyst or acquire certifications pertaining to the domain of Cyber Security.

It is equally important to prepare an appealing, intricately detailed and comprehensible resume which shall highlight your full range of talent and experience.

You should be actively updating your resume as and when required, in order to put your best foot forward as you seek to establish yourself as a Cyber Security Analyst.


By the end of this blog, I am pretty sure that you must have understood that while it is certainly possible to become a Cyber Security Analyst with no experience, the answer to the question of how to become a Cyber Security Analyst without a degree is certainly not simple.

The path of self-learning can be a difficult one requiring immense self-discipline. If you are really committed to making your way through, you should find strategies on how to get into Cyber Security with no experience.

This will include the will to learn, persevere and do all that is required in establishing your credentials as a Cyber Security Analyst. 

The demand for Cyber Security experts is not being appropriately met by an equal quantum of supply. This implies that there is a noticeable shortage of talent within the Cyber Security field. The scarcity offers lucrative prospects to all those seeking to begin their career in the domain.

Let, Syntax Technologies, aid you in taking your first step towards your dream. We help you develop competencies, those of a Cyber Security expert. Enrol now for our Cyber Security course.

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