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Cyber Security Skills, One Must be Aware of

The demand for Cyber Security Skills is always going to be High and that’s because the Security Market is full of Innovation. In today’s world, protecting Data and Assets is how Organizations build Trust with their Customers – Tom Chapman

There has been unprecedented spurt in cases of Cyber Crimes, Cyber Attacks and Cyber Threats over the years. In fact, the issue of Cyber Security has evolved as a matter of global concern, with some going to the extent of predicting the nature of future conflicts to be in the form of Cyber Wars.

Moreover, as per (ISC)2, a Florida based non-profit organization, the global workforce needs to grow 65% to effectively defend organizations’ critical assets. Thus, while the demand for Cyber Security experts is all time high; the demand is certainly not being met with an equal supply of experts.

Herein, lies the golden opportunity for young aspirants to look for nurturing relevant Cyber Security Skills which will enable them to grab a coveted position within one of the most sought after domains of the tech industry. So what skills are needed for Cyber Security experts? Let us find out.

In this blog, we shall discuss the required Skills for Cyber Security experts. We shall dissect the issue of CyberSecurity Skills on the basis of Cyber Security Technical Skills and Soft Skills needed for Cyber Security. Consequently, we shall also consider Cyber Security Analyst Skills as well as Cyber Security Engineer Skills. Let us look at this Cyber Security Skills List.

Cyber Security Skills Roadmap

Cyber Security Technical Skills

1.Knowledge of Operating Systems

A Cyber Security expert is largely comfortable working with all kinds of Operating Systems (OS).

Thus, they should be well versed with operating environments like Mac, Linux, Windows OS. As an aspiring Cyber Security professional, you should equip yourself with every possible piece of knowledge on mobile and desktop systems.

You should be comfortable navigating with command-line interfaces such as Windows’ Powershell and Linux’s Terminal. It will be equally important to familiarize yourself with threats associated with mobile OS like Android and iOS.

2.Proficiency in Coding

Acquiring coding skills can have several benefits for you and as such is one of the important Cyber Security Skills.

When you do have knowledge of the fundamentals of coding in languages such as JavaScript or HTML, it will only help you in developing a better understanding of how they are vulnerable to security breaches.

You must remember that while proficiency in coding might not be one of the important entry level Cyber Security Skills, but it is definitely one of the skills needed for Cyber Security experts at the mid and senior level positions. Accordingly, you can opt for learning the following important coding languages.

  • Python
  • PHP
  • C and C++
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Assembly Language
  • HTML
  • Go lang

3.Blockchain Security

The issue of Blockchain Security is definitely an innovative technology and a thing of the future. It is considered to be the basis of different security systems such as network control, IoT devices, identity solutions and supply chain integration.

Given the level of data security offered by blockchain technology, it is definitely considered to be an extremely robust security mechanism as any attempt at data leakage can only be the result of destruction of data on every computer on a global network.

blockchain security levels

 4.Networking and System Administration

This is considered to be one of the critical Skills for CyberSecurity professionals as they step into this domain. Knowledge of networking equips you with the understanding of technical aspects of data transmission.

Such understanding invariably helps in sharpening one’s expertise in securing data. Moreover, different business organizations use different kinds of networks and as a Cyber Security expert, it will be vital to become well versed with maintenance of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Similarly knowledge of system administration pertains to knowledge of managing of systems which run on those networks.

5.Artificial Intelligence

Expertise in AI is considered to be yet another futuristic Cyber Security required skills. It helps experts in detecting possible threats and attacks.

One of the greatest advantages of Artificial Intelligence within the field of Cyber Security is its contribution in the form of automated response techniques in the event of Cyber attacks. Moreover, AI can also be useful in identifying potentials threats which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

artificial intelligence

 6.Cloud Security

It is quite evident that more and more business organizations are moving to cloud environment in order to store and protect data as well as run applications. Consequently, Cyber Security Specialist Skills like expertise in cloud security, is naturally in high demand. So what skills do you need for Cyber Security when it comes to Cloud Security? The answer to this lies in being well versed with the implementation of policies which protect cloud based systems as well as proficiency in system configuration as user misconfiguration is an important cloud security risk.

7.Computer Forensics Skills

Pulling together the ideas of Cyber Security and Computer Forensics is considered to be essential in providing for a complete understanding of Information Security. Both, simultaneously emphasize upon protection of digital intelligence and assets. Moreover, this can only be achieved through a deep rooted understanding of possible ways of recovering data as well as backup strategies for failed security measures.

digital forensics skills

8.Internet of Things (IoT) Security

The number of IoT devices is only likely to increase in future. Moreover, a vast majority of these IoT devices comes with sensors which result in collection of sensitive personal information. This implies that the stakes in securing data security and consumer confidence, are high. Moreover, the overwhelming number of devices implies greater security vulnerability. Therefore, as one of the crucial Cyber Security Skills, it will be vital to institute mechanisms in place which could help in safeguarding IoT devices from malicious intrusion without regular human inspection.

9.Intrusion Detection

Cyber Security Technical Skills in this respect, shall include expertise in usage of different kinds of Intrusion Detection Software, such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), as well as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products. Moreover, this knowledge helps in sharpening skills for detection of security violations and suspicious activities.

10.Expertise in Analytics and Intelligence

This pertains to skills in Cyber Security Analytics. Cyber Security Analytics make use of the processes of data gathering, aggregation, attribution and analysis; for extracting valuable insights. These insights in turn help in performing crucial security functions which help in detecting and mitigating cyber attacks and threats. Data is collected from multiple sources like OS event logs, business applications, behavior data, virus scanners and so on. This data is then used by security experts for the application of algorithms and searches for prior identification of indicators of cyber threats.

expertise in analytics and intelligence

11.Incident Response

While the ability to initiate precautionary measures for preventing Cyber attacks is one of the important skills for Cyber Security; being able to effectively respond in situation where security incidents might have had already taken place, is equally important. This refers to Incident Response Management and involves a close observation of security event from the start to the finish. Thus, as an expert with IR Cyber Security Skills, you will able to investigate security incidents, oversee response efforts and restore data and systems to regular operation.

technical skills

Cyber Security Skills List

Soft Skills needed for Cyber Security

The skills required for Cyber Security experts, are not solely limited to a finite number of technical/hard skills. The Cyber Security Skills Roadmap includes certain crucial Soft Skills needed for Cyber Security. Let us have a look at them.

1.Communication Skills

Cyber Security is a technical field. However, in order to ensure compliance with security protocols and guidelines, it might well be required to acquaint and educate others on these issues who might not have any knowledge of the Cyber Security concepts. Thus the ability to convey these concerns effectively, can only be possible by an individual with excellent communication skills.

2.Problem Solving Skills

This is one of those important skills for Cyber Security experts which pertain to the ability to come up with innovative solutions to resolve complex Cyber Security challenges and issues.

3.Risk Management

This is one of those intrinsic Cyber Security Skills which give you the advantage of foresight. Thus, as a seasoned Cyber Security professional, you should have a sense of what could possibly go wrong. You should be able to evaluate the severity of attacks as well as perceive the potential effect of Cyber threats.

4.Critical Thinking

Cyber Security professionals are required to undertake several high end decisions for their organizations when it comes to ensuring security. Possessing critical thinking skills implies that you should be able to analyze problems, assess data, consider alternatives, comprehend the context as well as arrive at concrete solutions.


Cyber Security is a highly dynamic field. Innovation and Technology go hand in hand and with this comes the threat of new and more sophisticated forms of Cyber attacks. Thus, as someone seeking to make it big in the Cyber Security field, it will be imperative for you to keep yourself updated and abreast with all the latest developments and changes in the field. Thus, you should be an avid learner, should be passionate about technology and possess a sense of adaptability.

6.Attention to Detail

As you think of what skills are needed for Cyber Security, you should remember that as a Cyber Security professional, you should be hawk eyed. This means that you should be receptive to the slightest of vulnerability or change which might result in a Cyber attack. This is all the more important because data breaches can also be the result of human negligence and errors.

Cyber Security Analyst Skills

The position of a Cyber Security Analyst is one of the highly renowned designations within the Cyber Security field. In this section, we shall look at some of the Cyber Security Analyst Skills.

  • Expertise in Programming Languages such as Ruby, Java, Python, Go and C/C++.
  • An Analytical bent of mind. This is important as Cyber Security Analysts are required to process data from various sources and are required to be in a position to strategically analyze the information.
  • Excellent Communication and Networking Skills.
  • Knowledge of Computer Code as well as Understanding of Risk Assessment Technologies.
  • This professional is required to keep himself abreast with all latest development in the field of Firewall Architecture, Content Filtering as well as Virus Software and Virus Detection.
cyber security analyst skills

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Cyber Security Engineer Skills

The position of a Cyber Security Engineer is yet another esteemed position. In the capacity of the same, you are required to undertake different Security Engineer responsibilities like building, designing and conducting secure network solutions for providing protection against different Cyber attacks. Let us look at skills required of them.

  • Understanding of management and architecture of Operating Systems.
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages.
  • It is expected that Cyber Security Engineers should have extensive knowledge of Database Platforms. This pertains to understanding of Data Management, Data Structures, Data Dissemination and so on.
  • Extensive knowledge of Networking. This covers expertise in Encryption Technologies, Routing Protocols, Subnetting, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Network Security Technologies, DNS and Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Knowledge of Computer Code as well as Understanding of Risk Assessment Technologies.
  • Proficiency in Security Breach Protocols and Computer Forensics.
cyber security engineer skills

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The above mentioned Cyber Security Skills List, presents a comprehensive picture of what would largely be expected of you as an aspiring Cyber Security expert. The Cyber Security Skills are definitely demanding as well as can be exhaustive, requiring diligent effort. However, concerted efforts directed towards cultivating these skills for Cyber Security can certainly bear lucrative rewards in the form of infinite career prospects within the domain of Cyber Security.

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