Sumair Jawaid

Sumair Jawaid

I'm Sumair Jawaid, the co-founder of Syntax Technologies. Disappointed with a college education that didn't match the needs of the IT industry and weighed down by student loans, I took charge of my own learning to acquire the tech skills I needed. My life and business partner, Asel Umurzakova, and I founded Syntax with a goal: to make tech careers accessible to all without the barriers of traditional education and its costs. Together, we have combined our strengths – my leadership and technical skills in VBScript, Test Planning, HTML, and Regression Testing, alongside Asel's five years of in-depth experience in software QA and the SDLC – to create an environment where learning is practical and relevant. Syntax is not just about teaching tech; it's about opening up the tech world to everyone and celebrating every personal win along the way. Join us, and let's build your success story together.

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