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Aliaksei Tsybulka's Story

I was the online student at this bootcamp. It’s not enough of words for me to describe how happy am I. This school gave me a lot of skills, played with my logic and made me smarter. But the most important thing is - I GOT A GOOD JOB NOW! It’s really works and I’m sure that everybody can repeat my experience. Very strongly recommending this bootcamp! Sumair, Asel, Alisher, Arif, Weqas, Sohil, Elion thank you so much for everything!

Erman Acar's Story

Amazing and successful school which has great and experienced instructors know what they do, and what you need.

Asmaa Al-Kilany's Story

Syntax Technologies has changed my life! You'll be surprised by how much you'll learn in just a few months following this program. It is challenging and you do have to put in the work but all your hard work pays off in the end. The instructors are always there to help you and they will always push you to better yourself and work hard. The program teaches you different frameworks, testing tools, coding languages, version controls, and build and integration tools. They are always expanding and adding new tools to teach. They also provide 1-on-1 mock interviews which help you once you are ready to go into the market. I would 100% recommend Syntax technologies, they have great instructors and they teach you everything you need to know about Automation.

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Anastasia's Story

The instructors are very knowledgeable and responsive. I learned a lot of useful Java concepts as well as testing tools. Definitely, the best school in the area. Would certainly recommend it to a friend!

Jack Plantin's Story

Fantastic and affordable course that will prepare you for a career in software. Very good instructors and a structured curriculum to learn even if you work full time. Don’t hesitate to join this course and learn more about testing.

Galamat's Story

I wanna say thank you for everyone at Syntax. They are life changers! I was an online student and never felt that I'm not getting enough attention. Everything was clear and professional. After finishing the course I've got 2 job offers in 2 months, that's when market was really slow. I will definitely come back!

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