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The Power of Syntax's Bootcamp

Research shows that hands-on, interactive learning is 7x more effective than simply reading or watching course material. That's why Syntax Bootcamp provides:

  • Live virtual classes taught by industry experts

  • Cohort based learning with peer-to-peer interaction

  • Capstone projects involving real word data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning

  • 24/7 teaching assistance with access to learner social forums

Unlock Your Team's

Role-aligned learning paths that map digital skills to desired learner outcomes.

real world
real world
Data and AI
real world
Digital Business
real world
Digital Operations

Cloud Computing


Cyber Security

Software Development

Comprehensive programs aligned with leading certification bodies, universities, and corporate partners
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Tailored Solutions

Our implementation consultants will design a training program for your business's unique digital transformation journey to address your team's skills gaps.

real world
Digital Academy
  • Align learning paths to critical job roles
  • Seamlessly integrate into your learning portal & curriculum
career support
Upskilling and Level-Setting
  • Build latest language capabilities & skill sets
  • Align skilling to your development plans
Onboarding New Hires
  • Train new hires with hands-on applied learning
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new employees

Syntax Advantage



High-engagement, outcome-
centric learning

Live virtual classrooms, mentoring sessions, hands-on projects, and interactive labs drive learner outcomes


Customizable solutions that match
your requirements

From learning portal integration to contextualized learning paths, we're
committed to your success



Latest curriculum from industry
experts and universities

Program co-developed with the world's top practitioners and academics and aligned to leading certification bodies

Frequently Asked Qustions

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Why Syntax Technologies?

  • Syntax provides tailored programs for in-demand skills in the IT industry. We are a student-
    focused bootcamp that goes beyond preparing the students for their new IT career, teaching
    them new skills, and supporting them in the job market.
  • Syntax provides state-of-the-art facilities and learning systems for both in-class and online
    students, designed by education experts.

How much time is necessary to be successful in the course?

In our experience, students who have put in around 20 hours for the classes and 10-15 hours of
self-work have successfully learned the material, passed the job interviews, and got a job.
However, this might change from person to person, and everyone should evaluate their needs
and put in the work as necessary.

How long are the courses?

The length of the course depends on the performance of the class. SDET automation in designed
to be 6-month course, taught five days a week. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is
designed to be a 4-month course, taught five days a week. Cyber Security is designed to be a 4-
month course, taught five days a week. However, we are dedicated to giving the students all the
support they need to become technically strong in the course they choose. So, these times may
get prolonged according to the class' pace, and individual support is provided for those that need

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