Syntax is world’s leading online training provider established in Virginia.

Syntax provides training and solutions for the IT industry.

About Syntax

Syntax Technologies is world’s leading online training provider established in Virginia in 2017. Syntax provides training and solutions for the IT industry. Through its school, Syntax offers in-demand training for people who want to delve into the IT industry with no IT experience and IT veterans who wish to add new skills instep with the latest technologies in the market. Through its geographically disperse extended teams, Syntax provides IT solutions to clients and highly skilled talent.

Today Syntax School became synonymous with inspiring and preparing people to take their second chances in the IT industry with confidence.

Where knowledge
becomes a career?

Syntax’s mission is to train students of different backgrounds with various IT skills for the high paying tech jobs and prepare them for the IT market. Students learn coding, data, and cybersecurity from IT professionals and develop skills in the respective fields to be ready to get certified, compete in the market, and develop their professional, technical, and leadership skills.


Building the future of IT

Syntax’s vision is to supply the expanding IT industry with highly qualified, dedicated, and hardworking IT professionals that are up to date with the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools. Syntax aspires to be an affordable training center for the next generation of IT professionals, who will get high-paying IT jobs in America and globally.


Provide IT training to people with no IT background
Provide training for IT professionals on new technologies and IT fields
Equip people with technical, professional, and leadership skills to be competitive in the market
Be affordable to anyone who wants to have a second chance in their career, from anywhere in the world

What makes Syntax Technologies unique?

Interviews – Our instructors will prepare you for the job interviews, alongside your IT skills. You’ll also have a chance to work with our mentors and recruiting partners through mentorship sessions and MOC interviews to leave a remarkable impression in your upcoming interviews.

real world
Real world project

Hands-on experience by working on a real project to simulate an actual working experience.

Dynamic curriculum

Every session is different. We believe in providing up-to-date knowledge that matches current technology and trend.

career support
Career support

Our team will work with students one on one. We will teach you tactics that gives you a competitive edge and more.

Outcome first

Our graduates get hired in less than 3 months through our network of hiring partners.

Our Team

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Join us to build the future of IT

Our mission and vision are our dedication to building the future of the IT industry. But we cannot do this alone. If you share this mission and vision, we want to hear from you.
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